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UNC Institute of Marine Science faculty member Niels Lindquist

Niels L. Lindquist


Dr. Lindquist is a chemical ecologist. His recent research focus has been studying the physical and biological factors controlling the distribution, health, and resilience of oyster-based habitats in North Carolina estuarine environments. As well, he has been developing novel, patent-pending strategies to help restore and create new oyster habitat and enhance oyster fisheries; work done in collaboration with other IMS faculty and local commercial fishermen.

Areas of Expertise/Research Interests:
Chemical Ecology
Coral and Oyster Reef Ecology
Practical Applications and Commercialization of Ecological Knowledge

ENEC 488 (MASC 488) Estuarine and Coastal Marine Ecology
ENEC 395 (MASC 395) Independent Research (IE students)

Start-up of the Sandbar Oyster Company – based on UNC IP (2014-present).
NC Division of Marine Fisheries – Hard Clam and Oyster Fisheries Management Plan Advisory Committee (2015-present).
North Carolina Oyster Steering Committee (2014-present).

Areas of Expertise

Environment & Ecology

Contact Info

252.726.6841 ext 136 Lab Website


Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (1989)

B.A. University of Florida, Gainesville (1983)

Lab Members

Zofia Knorek - PhD