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Student Awards

Impact Awards from the Graduate Education Advancement Board at UNC- Chapel Hill:

*Photos and information courtesy of the Graduate School at UNC-CH

2021: Sarah Donaher (Marine Science), The Clam’s Role in Helping Vital Seagrass Meadows Thrive Again

2020: Kelsey Jesser (Marine Science), Coastal Microbial Ecology

2020: Matt Kenworthy (Environment and Ecology), Movement Ecology and Habitat Utilization of Estuarine Fish

2017: Adam Gold (Environment and Ecology), Stormwater Ponds and Their Connections to Coastal Water Quality

2016: Luke Dodd (Marine Sciences), Using GPS, Laser Technology to Calculate Where Oyster Reefs Will Thrive

2016: Justin Ridge (Marine Sciences), Assessing Potential Threats, Benefits for Oyster Reefs

2015: Kellen Lauer (Marine Sciences), Storms and Water Quality for Beachgoers

2015: Ethan Theuerkauf (Marine Sciences), Sea-Level Anomalies and Beach Erosion

2014: Rachel Gittman (Environment and Ecology), What Salt Marshes Can Tell State Leaders

2013: Andrea Anton Gamazo (Environment and Ecology), Ecology and Evolution of the Lionfish Invasion of the Caribbean

2012: Nate Geraldi (Environment and Ecology), Identifying Best Ways to Maximize Oyster Population Growth

2012: Ashley Smyth (Environment and Ecology), Assessing Water Quality Enhancement Through Oyster Reef Restoration

2011: Emily Elliott (Environment and Ecology), Skinny Beaches: Understanding Barrier Development and Erosion in North Carolina

2011: Curtis H. Stumpf (Environment and Ecology), Rapid and Accurate Determination of Fecal Pathogens in N.C. Coastal Waters

UNC Awards and Fellowships:

  • Avery Paxton (Environment and Ecology – ENEC), UNC Global Partnership Award ($1,000), Support for travel to Albania to conduct research in marine protected area near Sazani Island with colleagues from the Albanian Center for Marine Research

Other Awards and Fellowships:

Outreach Activities – Highlights

  • SciREN Coast & Triangle
  • Avery, Max, Abbey (IE), Kayla (IE): Speaker, Carteret Community College C-STEP ‘Day at IMS,’ ‘A day in the life of a scientist studying offshore reefs of NC,’ 30 October 2015 (~10 people)
  • Avery Paxton, Claire Rosemond, Hayley Lemoine: Invited Scientist and Activity Coordinator, ‘Offshore Reefs – “What? We have Reefs off NC?”’ NC Seafood Festival, Morehead City, NC, 2 October 2015 (~150 students)
  • Avery Paxton – Invited Speaker, Beaufort Ole Towne Rotary Club, ‘Offshore Reefs: Secret Gardens of North Carolina,’ 14 December 2015 (~50 people)
  • Carter Smith, Isabelle Neyland: At the Water’s Edge, NC teacher’s workshop. July 31 2015 (~ 30 NC 8th-12th grade science teachers)
  • Kathleen Onorevole.  “Oyster Science at the Beach.” Presentation and experiment at Home School Day at NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. September 10, 2015. (90 K-8 home-schooled children, 30-40 parents)
  • Kathleen Onorevole.  “Clear Waters Ahead for Oyster Restoration.” North Carolina Sea Grant Currents blog guest post.  February 10, 2015.
  • Kathleen Onorevole. “Soil Science at the Beach.”  Presentation and experiment at Johnson Primary School, Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC.  May 20, 2016.  (~100 1st grade students)
  • UNdertheC blog. Resident bloggers Alex Hounshell, Shelby Ziegler, Kathleen Onorevole. Guest IMS bloggers: Julie Geyer, Becky Fitzula, Larisa Bennett (IE). (~75 visitors per day)
  • Ian Kroll– 2015- “Saving Black Sea Bass.” Public Broadcasting Service via UNC-TV Science.
  • Ian Kroll– 2015- “Does it really start at hone? How North Carolina marine habitats influence black sea bass growth and maturity.” North Carolina Sea Grant: Coastwatch Magazine.
  • Ian Kroll-2015- “Local researcher aims to bolster black sea bass fishery.” National Public Radio via Public Radio East.
  • Avery Paxton: ‘Wind Energy Area Biological Surveys,’ video produced by John McCord (UNC-CSI), February 2016
  • Avery Paxton: ‘Picking the right spot: how scientists find the best places to put future wind energy sites in the ocean,’ NOAA National Ocean Service News, February 2016.
  • Avery Paxton: ‘Shipwrecks off coast prove beneficial for marine life,’ WCTI-12 News by Jonathan Weant, November 2015.
  • Avery Paxton: ‘Recognizing North Carolina’s wind energy potential,’ The News & Observer, op-ed by Harvey Seim (UNC), includes our findings on reefs, September 2015.
  • Avery Paxton: Invited Speaker, P.E.O. State Convention, ‘Passport to the Graveyard of the Atlantic,’ 3 June 2016 (~400 people), Raleigh, NC.
  • Matt Kenworthy, Michelle Brodeur, Quin Walker, Max Lewis, Martin Benavides: Invited Scientist: “What lives on an oyster reef:”  NC Seafood Science Smart School Program, NC Seafood Festival, Morehead City, NC, 2 October 2015 (~150 students)
  • Justin Ridge, Matt Kenworthy, Michelle Brodeur, Quin Walker, Alex Hounshell: Coastal habitat game; Marine Science Day hosted by the Rachel Carson Reserve and the National Estuarine Research Reserve; November 14, 2015. (~100 general public)
  • Bryce Van Dam: NC Science Festival, Hands on Ocean Acidification Experiments (~200 K-12 students)
  • Martin Benavides: “Drone surveys for bonnethead sharks” Presentation at Morehead Middle School on March 23, 2016 for ~20 8th grade students
  • Danielle Keller, Mariah Livernois, Alex Hounshell, Kar Howe, Ben Peierls, Kathleen Onorevole.  Coastal habitat carnival game.  Fort Macon Earth Day, Atlantic Beach, NC.  April 16, 2016.  (~50 children, ~80 adults)
  • Ethan Theuerkauf, Justin Ridge: Invited Scientists: Invite-a-Scientist Program, “What it means to be a Coastal Geologist” Pamlico Middle School, April 20, 2016. (80 students)
  • Justin Ridge, Invited Scientist, Graduate Education Day, North Carolina General Assembly, Raleigh, May 24, 2016.
  • Ethan Theuerkauf, Justin Ridge: Invited Speakers: “Our Changing Coast” NOSB Professional Development Webinar series, January 19, 2016
  • Ethan Theuerkauf, Justin Ridge: Invited Speakers: “What it means to be a Coastal Geologist” Presentation to Exceptional Family Member Group, MCCS Cherry Point, July 7, 2015 (10 children, 5 adults)

Graduate Student Papers