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The 2018 Blue Heron Bowl will be held in Wilmington, NC!

UNCW, the Center for Marine Science, and Watson School of Education will host the 2018 Blue Heron Bowl.

The Blue Heron Bowl is a regional marine science quiz bowl. Two teams, each composed of 4 students and 1 alternate, square off against each other to answer questions related to marine science. Many of these students are coached by a marine science or general science teacher that sponsors their training. The bowl, itself consists of a set of matches. Each match consists 6 minutes of toss-up and bonus questions, followed by 2 team challenge questions, and ending with a final 6 minutes of toss-up and bonus questions.

Winners of the North Carolina regional bowl, the Blue Heron Bowl, will be sent to the National competition in April. The 2018 National competition will be held in Boulder, CO. Our North Carolina team will face-off against 25 other teams over 2 days!

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl provides training resources and sample questions.

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