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F. Joel Fodrie



F. Joel Fodrie
Assistant Professor
Phone: 252.726.6841 ext 149
Fax: 252.726.2426
157 Coker Hall
3431 Arendell St
Morehead City, NC 28557

Area of Interest

Coastal Biological Oceanography

  • Fish and bivalve population ecology
  • Connectivity of marine populations and ecosystems
  • Trophic interactions in estuarine communities
  • Ecosystem service delivery of biogenic habitats
  • Long-term community patterns


  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD), Ph.D., Biological Oceanography, 2006
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A., Biology and History, 1999

Selected Publications

Able, KW and FJ Fodrie (in press) Distribution and dynamics of habitat use by juvenile and adult flatfishes. In: Gibson, RN (ed.), Flatfishes: Biology and Exploitation, Second Edition. Fish and Aquatic Resources Series. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Fodrie, FJ, KW Able, F Galvez, KL Heck Jr., OP Jensen, PC López-Duarte, CW Martin, RE Turner, and A Whitehead (2014) Integrating organismal and population responses of estuarine fishes in Macondo spill research. BioScience 64: 778-788.

Rodriguez, AB, FJ Fodrie, JT Ridge, NL Lindquist, EJ Theuerkauf, SE Coleman, JH Grabowski, MC Brodeur, RK Gittman, DA Keller, and MD Kenworthy (2014) Oyster reefs can outpace sea-level rise. Nature Climate Change 4: 493-497.

Powers, SP, FJ Fodrie, SB Scyphers, JM Drymon, RL Shipp, and GW Stunz (2013) Gulf-wide decreases in the size of large coastal sharks documented by generations of fishermen. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 5: 93-102.

Fodrie, FJ, and KL Heck Jr. (2011) Response of coastal fishes to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. PLoS One 6(7): e21609.

Martin, CW, FJ Fodrie, KL Heck Jr, and J Mattila(2010) Differential habitat use and antipredator response of juvenile roach (Rutilus rutilus) to olfactory and visual cues from multiple predators. Oecologia 162: 893-902.

Fodrie, FJ, KL Heck Jr, SP Powers, WM Graham, and KL Robinson (2010) Climate-related, decadal-scale assemblage changes of seagrass-associated fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Global Change Biology 16: 48-59.

Fodrie, FJ, LA Levin, and AJ Lucas (2009) Use of population fitness to evaluate the nursery function of juvenile habitats. Marine Ecology Progress Series 385: 39-49.

Fodrie, FJ, MD Kenworthy, and SP Powers (2008) Unintended facilitation between marine consumers generates enhanced mortality for their shared prey. Ecology 89(12): 3268-3274.

Fodrie, FJ, and LA Levin (2008) Linking juvenile habitat utilization to population dynamics of the California halibut. Limnology and Oceanography 53(2): 799-812.

Graduate Students

Michelle Brodeur
Justin Ridge (co-advised with Tony Rodriguez)
Ian Kroll
Danielle Keller

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