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Taylor Asher, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, Luettich Lab Member

Rick Luettich
Hydrodynamics and statistical/physical flood hazards

Hans Paerl
CyanoHAB dynamics, limnetic phycology, and ecotoxicology

Joel Fodrie
Coastal shark ecology, what controls the distribution and movement of sharks in the nearshore environment
photo of UNC Institute of Marine Sciences graduate student Molly Bost

Antonio Rodriguez
Coastal geology, sedimentology, and geomorphology

Rachel Noble
Marine Microbiology

Rachel Gittman
Marine Science
3117W Murray
Dr. Joel Fodrie
Marine community ecology, restoration, and conservation; human-environment interactions; sustainable aquaculture
Adam Gold

Mike Piehler
Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry, stormwater management and water quality
Jana Haddad

Rick Luettich
Coastal processes, hydrodynamic modeling
Murray/Venable Hall
Dr. Antonio Rodriguez
Coastal landform evolution in the Anthropocene

Joel Fodrie
Effect of invasive species and local pests on community dynamics and function
Jonathan Lucas is a graduate student within the UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences currently studying at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City on the coast of North Carolina and is a member of the Fodrie lab

Joel Fodrie
Estuarine ecology and habitat restoration

Sensory biology & animal navigation and migration

Tony Rodriguez
Coastal transgression & geomorphology

Joel Fodrie
Fisheries ecology

Fish migration, behavior and sensory ecology

Hans Paerl
Harmful algae blooms

Joel Fodrie
Marine fishes

Rachel Noble
Environmental and Marine Microbiology

Rick Luettich
Physical Oceanography / Storm Surge Modeling
Image of visiting Ph.D. Student Julia Seveno

Dr. Neils Lindquist
The benthic diatom Haslea, whose blue pigment is responsible for the coloration in green gill oysters like the Atlantic Emerald.

Michael Piehler
Biogeochemistry, ecology, and coastal resilience

Rachel Noble
Environmental and Marine Microbiology
Rebecca Gaesser is a graduate student and Peterson Lab Member within UNC's Department of Biology currently studying at the UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City, NC

Joel Fodrie
Ecology and soundscapes of temperate hard bottom habitats

Michael Piehler
Coastal biogeochemistry
Amy Yarnall, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, Fodrie Lab Member

Joel Fodrie
Predator-prey interactions and sustainable fishery harvest
Shelby Ziegler

Joel Fodrie
Food web linkages, Habitat connectivity, Marine community ecology