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Johanna Rosman



Johanna Rosman
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 252.726.6841 ext 224
Fax: 252.726.2426
112 Coker Hall
3431 Arendell St
Morehead City, NC 28557

Research Summary

Dr. Rosman’s research area is shallow water physical oceanography. Her group studies fluid dynamics at scales of centimeters to kilometers in estuaries and the coastal ocean. These processes are important for transporting materials like pollutants, nutrients, larvae, and sediment. They determine rates of nutrient delivery to benthic organisms, affect larval settlement, and exert forces on organisms. Understanding physical processes at these scales is therefore critical to understanding the functioning of marine systems and, ultimately, the impact of human activities on these systems. We use a combination of field measurements, numerical modeling, and theory to understand and predict these processes.

Current Research Topics

  • Understanding the effects of complex coral reef topography on circulation patterns from colony scale to reef scale.
  • Understanding transport and mixing in strongly stratified wind-forced estuaries.
  • Developing methods for extracting information about turbulence from field measurements.
  • Understanding how physical processes affect reef development using coupled physical-biological models.

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