Recent Graduate Alumni

Danielle Keller
2018, PhD
Joel Fodrie
Landscape, restoration, and community ecology; understanding how structured habitats affect ecological communities at landscape scales

Bryce Van-Dam
Avery Paxton
2018, PhD
Johanna Rosman
Turbulence and Mixing in Estuaries

Charles Deaton
2018, MS
Tony Rodriguez
Land use and ecogeomorphology in coastal watersheds

Ian Kroll
2017, PhD
Joel Fodrie
Oyster Larval Connectivity
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Fish and Aquatic Conservation
Justin Ridge
Erika Young is a UNC Institute of Marine Sciences graduate student and a Peterson Lab Member
2017, PhD
Pete Peterson
Influences of shoreline stabilization structures on nekton and birds in salt marshes
Lecturer at UNC Pembroke
Greg Sorg
2017, MS
Niels Lindquist
Alternative Substrates for Oyster Reef Restoration and Bioeroding Sponges in NC Estuaries
Independent Contractor at Sandbar Oyster Company
Jess Smith, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, Luettich Lab Member
2017, MS
Rick Luettich
Physical modeling and mapping
UNC at Chapel Hill, BeAM Makerspace
Justin Hart
2017, MS
Rachel Noble
Stormwater quality and public health, molecular microbial monitoring methods, coastal recreation

Adam Gold
2017, MS
Mike Piehler
Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry, stormwater management and water quality
Research Technician within the Piehler Lab
Michelle Brodeur is a UNC Institute of Marine Sciences graduate student and Fodrie Lab Member
2016, PhD
Joel Fodrie
Oyster reef ecology
Lecturer at Carteret Community College
Ethan Theuerkauf is a UNC Institute of Marine Sciences graduate student and a Rodriguez Lab Member
2016, PhD
Antonio Rodriguez
Examining the role of framework geology on shoreline response; Quantifying barrier island carbon budgets
Coastal Geologist State of Illinois