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Michael F Piehler



Michael F Piehler
Phone: 252.726.6841 ext 160
Fax: 252.726.2426
257 Coker Hall
3431 Arendell Street
Morehead City, NC 28557


Research summary

Dr. Piehler studies microorganisms and microbially mediated processes in shallow coastal waters. His research spans a broad range of microbial systems including microphytobenthic communities, epiphytic microalgae, benthic bacterial communities, bacterioplankton, and phytoplankton. The land-water interface is an area of intensive biogeochemical cycling and trophic interactions involving microorganisms. It is also an area of extensive human activity, making the interactions of pollutants and native microbial communities in the land-water interface a significant issue in developed coastal environments.

Current research projects include

  • Transport and transformation of carbon and nutrients in coastal streams
  • Oyster reef impacts on nutrient dynamics
  • Ecology and biogeochemistry of the tidal freshwater zone
  • Biotic impacts of ocean hydrokinetic energy extraction
  • Shallow lake ecology and biogeochemistry

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Graduate Students

Kathleen Onorevole – Marine Sciences
Adam Gold – Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology