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Stephen Fegley

Research Associate Professor, Emeritus

Marine Biology/Ecology

F. Joel Fodrie

Associate Professor

252.726.6841 ext 149
Coastal Biological Oceanography

Rachel Gittman

Adjunct Research Professor

Marine community ecology, restoration ecology, coastal management and policy
Nathan Hall is a Research Scientist in the Paerl Lab at UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences

Nathan Hall

Assistant Professor

252.726.6841 ext 228

James Hench

Adjunct Research Professor

Shallow water circulation, physical-biological interactions, marine technology

Yiping Li

Adjunct Research Professor

UNC Institute of Marine Science faculty member Niels Lindquist

Niels L. Lindquist


252.726.6841 ext 136
Chemical Ecology

Wayne Litaker

Adjunct Research Professor

Rachel Noble

Mary and Watts Hill Jr. Distinguished Professor

252.726.6841 ext 150
Marine Ecology / Water Quality
Janet Nye is a faculty member and researcher with UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences

Janet Nye

Associate Professor

252-726-6841 ext 158
Quantitative Fisheries Ecology

Hans Paerl

Kenan Distinguished Professor

252.726.6841 ext 133
Microbial Ecology / Nutrient Cycling
UNC Institute of Marine Sciences faculty member Charles 'Pete' Peterson

Charles “Pete” Peterson

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Emeritus

Coastal Habitat Valuation and Restoration
UNC Institute of Marine Sciences IMS Dr. Mike Piehler

Mike Piehler

Professor; Director, UNC Institute for the Environment

252.726.6841 ext 160
Coastal Ecology / Biogeochemistry
UNC Institute of Marine Sciences IMS Dr. Johanna Rosman

Johanna Rosman

Associate Professor

252.726.6841 ext 224
Coastal and Estuarine Fluid Dynamics