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Dr. Anthony Rodriguez is a faculty member at UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) in Morehead City, NC

Antonio Rodriguez


Coastal and Marine Geology Lab

Dr. Rodriguez is a coastal geologist who uses empirical field-based studies to examine changes in the configuration of our coastal areas that result from fluctuations in water level, wind, waves, currents and anthropogenic activities. He is particularly interested in how coastal sedimentation and morphology evolves over time scales ranging from days to millennia with changes in sea level, storminess, and land use. He also collaborates with many of his colleagues at UNC examining anthropogenic and climate impacts on the ecogeomorphology of marsh, oyster-reef, and beach environments.

Areas of Expertise/Research Interests:

Frontiers in Marine Geology, MASC 894

Marine Geology, MASC 503

Oyster Reef and Saltmarsh Geology, MASC 490


  • Army Corps of Engineers and NC Division of Water Resources Science Panel Member.
  • Research Applied to Managing the Coast Symposium (RAMCS).
  • Gulf Coast Science Consortium member.
  • NSF and AAAS proposal-review panels.


Select Current Grants:

“Region-wide integration of UAS technology into DOD natural resource management through demonstration, coordination, training, and outfitting,” DOD ESTCP.

“Enhancing the capability and efficiency of DoD land management by using commercial unmanned aerial vehicles to assess the impact of fires and coastal storms,” DOD ESTCP.

“Improving saltmarsh conservation by examining transgression across a range of upland gradients and saltmarsh widths at decadal to millennial time scales,” NOAA Sea Grant.

Contact Info

252.726.6841 ext 140 Lab Website


Ph.D. Rice University (1999)
B.A. Hamilton College (1994)