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UNC Institute of Marine Sciences IMS Dr. Johanna Rosman

Johanna Rosman

Associate Professor

Dr. Rosman is a physical oceanographer who studies fluid dynamics of estuaries and the coastal ocean. She investigates how water moves in response to drivers such as wind, tides, waves, and density gradients using a combination of field measurements, computer models, and theory. These processes are important for transporting materials such as nutrients, dissolved gases, sediment and larvae. Understanding and predicting currents and mixing is therefore an important part of understanding how coastal ecosystems work, and human impacts on these systems.

Areas of Expertise/Research Interests:

Flow over complex multi-scale topography such as coral reefs.

The interplay between density stratification and turbulent mixing, and the effects on dissolved oxygen levels, in estuaries.

Wave dynamics across marshes and living shorelines.



Instructor, Capstone: Analysis and Solution of Environmental Problems (ENEC 698)

Instructor, Environmental Seminar (ENEC 204)



Associate Director, Morehead City Field Site undergraduate program

Technical Review Panelist, National Science Foundation and Sea Grant

Session organizer and chair, AGU Ocean Sciences meetings



Collaborative Research: Relating topographic complexity and circulation patterns on coral reefs from colony-scale to reef-scale, NSF Physical Oceanography program.

Understanding and predicting changes in coastal marsh ecosystem services: realizing the combined effects of sea-level rise, tides, and storm surge on marshes and their capacity to protect shorelines, NOAA Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise program.

Contact Info

252.726.6841 ext 224 Lab Website


Ph.D. Stanford University (2007)
M.S. Stanford University (2000)
B.S./B.E. University of Western Australia (1998)

Lab Members

Jana Haddad, Ph.D. student (co-advised by Rick Luettich)