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F. Joel Fodrie


Dr. Fodrie is an estuarine ecologist who studies the population dynamics of fishes and shellfish. His research studies have occured along all three major U.S. coastlines, and broadly examines linkages between habitat and fisheries production, movement ecology (landscape to population connectivity scales), coastal marine food-web interactions and trophic energy flows, and long-term population and community responses to natural and human-influenced stressors.

Areas of expertise & research interests

  • Fish and bivalve population ecology
  • Fish and bivalve trophic ecology
  • Connectivity of marine populations and ecosystems
  • Long-term community patterns
  • Ecosystem service delivery of restored and natural biogenic habitats
  • Oil spill and climate stressors



  • MASC 504, Biological Oceanography



  • North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Habitat Advisory Panel
  • Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership Science Advisory Committee


Select Current Grants

  • New River Estuary Oyster Highway (Multiple sources: NCGA, NCWHF, NC CCA, DEWRF, NCPC)
  • Environmental and anthropogenic drivers of decadal-scale changes in estuarine fish alpha and beta diversity from local to biogeographic scales (NSF – MSA)
  • Habitat value of oyster leases within estuarine landscapes for finfish and crustaceans (NCSG)
  • Mechanisms of seagrass community injury and resilience post Hurricane Florence: implications for increasingly stormy coasts (NSF – OCE: RAPID)

Contact Info

252.726.6841 ext 149 Lab Website


Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2006)
B.A. UNC Chapel Hill (1999)

Lab Members

Martin Benavides – Ph.D.
Amy Yarnall – Ph.D.
Shelby Ziegler – Ph.D.
Owen Mulvey-McFerron - M.S.
Rebecca Van Hoeck - Ph.D.
Jonathan Lucas - M.S.
Jeff Plumlee - Ph.D.
Zofia Knorek - Ph.D.