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From the responses I received it looks like April 20 & 21 are our target for the communications workshop where some folks from the AGU will come in to provide a 1.5 day session for us.


Please go ahead and mark your calendars. As we get closer I’ll need harder RSVPs from everyone who wants to come or we can sort catering etc.


In the meanwhile, quick straw poll. Send me back a note with your preference (1, 2, 3 – ranking in order) for special parts of the workshop to be focused on:


  • Science/Policy interface
  • Media relations
  • Multimedia tips and tricks


The agenda is still fluid, so there is time for your input to help shape what the AGU team covers.


The link again to the Communicating Science team and what they *can cover in a workshop can be found here:



Also – if you’re not at all interested or know you won’t be available, please let me know that right away as well. I don’t want them to send down too big a team if we don’t have many folks interested.


And if there’s anything you really WANT to be covered, the sooner you let me know the better.


-Kerry Irish

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