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Stephen Fegley



Stephen R. Fegley
Research Associate Professor
Phone: 252.726.6841 ext 222
Fax: 252.726.2426
171 Coker Hall
3431 Arendell St
Morehead City, NC 28557  

Areas of Interest

Dr. Fegley’s research has focused on shellfish biology, meiofaunal biology, barrier island ecology, and interactions among current flows, sediments, and organisms in shallow water habitats. Much of his work employs experimental field studies. He uses traditional parametric statistics (ANOVA and regression), non-linear multidimensional analyses (nMDS and partition analyses), and spatial statistics in his research.

Current and recent research projects include

  • Determining the effects of changes in geological landforms and sediment composition on coastal floral communities.
  • Examining the effects of human activities (e.g., off-road vehicle traffic, nourishment and dredge spoil disposal) on North Carolina beaches.
  • Exploring the ecological roles of meiofauna in exposed beaches
  • Using historical data to uncover spatial and temporal patterns in oyster (Crassostrea virginica) recruitment and abundance, coastal shark abundances, and changes in salinity in NC coastal and estuarine waters.
  • Developing rational procedures for the siting and operation of offshore wind-energy platforms that minimize negative environmental effects.
  • Understanding on landforms affect shorebird nesting and sea turtle nest site-selection.

Please contact Dr. Fegley if you would like to learn more about the research he is conducting.

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