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resident faculty



By clicking on the faculty names below, you will view a description of the focus of their research.


resident graduate students



  • Martin Benavides, Fodrie lab
  • Michelle Brodeur, Fodrie lab
  • Rachel Canty, Noble lab
  • Charlie Deaton, Rodriguez lab
  • Linghan Dong, Paerl lab
  • Jie Gao, Luettich lab
  • Adam Gold, Piehler lab
  • Jana Haddad, Luettich lab
  • Justin Hart, Noble lab
  • Alexandria Hounshell, Paerl lab
  • Kelsey Jesser, Noble lab
  • Danielle Keller, Fodrie lab
  • Matthew Kenworthy, Fodrie lab
  • Ian Kroll, Fodrie lab
  • David Marshall, Rosman lab
  • Kathleen Onorevole, Piehler lab
  • Avery Paxton, Peterson lab
  • Simone Raszl, Noble lab (visiting from UFSC Santa Caterina, Brazil)
  • Justin Ridge, Rodriguez + Fodrie labs
  • Carter Smith, Peterson lab
  • Jess Smith, Leuttich lab
  • Greg Sorg, Lindquist lab
  • Max Tice-Lewis, Fodrie lab
  • Olivia Torano, Piehler lab
  • Bryce Van Dam, Paerl lab
  • Amy Yarnall, Fodrie lab
  • Erika Young, Peterson lab
  • Shelby Ziegler, Fodrie lab


resident postdoctoral researchers

  • Xiao Yu, Rosman lab


resident research associates

  • Nathan Hall, Paerl lab
  • Ben Peierls, Paerl lab
  • Chris Voss, Peterson lab
For a complete listing of staff and contact information, please go to the contact page.